Adventure Activities

Adventure activities at the park allows you to grow and learn by performing. Our outdoor adventure activities are ideal for learning and developing self esteem and courage.

Shikhar Climbing Tower

Climb the wall to get a real sense of adventure and to test your physical limits.... !
The Park has a state-of-the-art Climbing wall, three faced and 16 feet high. It undertakes three interesting activities-


Participants receive a safety briefing and are fitted with harnesses prior to climbing the 16-foot climb. As you prepare, you are harnessed to a belay (safety) system. If at any time during the climb you lose your strength, simply push away from the wall and the belay gently lowers you safely back to the ground. This is an individual activity designed to build confidence.


The climber uses ascenders to climb the rope instead of climbing directly on the rock. Along with the ascenders, a webbing "ladder" called Étrier (or aiders) is typically used to allow the climber to use their feet to step up and pull themselves up the rope.

Keeping in mind all the safety precautions, we have trained & experienced instructors to manage and conduct all the above activities.

Shikhar Adventure Park-Obstacle Course

The Park has an army obstacle course which consists of 12 adventure activities. Participants are given a chance to try a potentially challenging obstacle with the support and encouragement of the group. Each task brings new challenges, thrills and fun. All the 12 adventure activities are as-

Burma Bridge

Is a three-rope arrangement on the obstacle course that bridges two ground structures. Its almost 7 feet above the ground. There is one large rope for your feet and two smaller ropes on either side as hand-holds. The smaller ropes, positioned hip-high, are knotted at intervals to the larger base rope.

Rope ladder

Participants begin the high course three feet on the ground and end up fifteen feet in the air by climbing a swinging ladder made of timbers and cable. The steps of the ladder are three feet apart at the bottom and get progressively farther apart.

Double Rope bridge/ Monkey crawling

This obstacle is conquered by walking on one cable and holding another at approximately chest height. Monkey crawling can also be combined on this obstacle. Hold on to the top rope with legs crossed onto the rope and crawl from one end to another.

Balance Beam(Zig Zag)

Participants are required to walk across a zig zag beam, which rises in height from 1 ft to3 ft.

Tyre Crossing

Its a team activity in which a team member is lifted horizontally and helped to cross the tyre without touching it. It can be undertaken as an individual activity also, in which the participant is required to jump through the tyre without touching it.

Clean Jump

Participants will jump over 02-04 ft adjustable bar.

Pit Jump

Approximately 05-07 paces after the clean jump, the applicant is required to jump over a gully at ground level that is 6 ft wide.

Commando Crawling

Wriggle on the ground, under the net and cross over from one end to another.

Mogli Walk

It is very similar to the Double rope bridge, except the cable to hold is above the head and ropes hang down in order to balance.

Commando net

Participants are required to climb up the 10 feet net, go on the other side of the net and climb down from there.

High Balance Beam

A standard balance beam...except it's 10 feet off the ground! The participants are anchored by a rope (for safety measure) and they are suppose to walk on the narrow beam, from one end to another.

Tarzan Swing

A rope is tied on an overhanging pole structure with a mud pit below. The participant has to cross the pit from one end to another while clinging onto the rope.

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